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Invention Graphic Designs from inception to completion!

Every idea or concept of an invention needs to start with a graphic of some sort to be able to visualize what your brain has assembled. The initial stage is only transformed into a sketch of some sort, on a copybook or a napkin. You then need to have your invention or idea take form by improving the quality of the design with additional details and specifications.
You further perfect your invention idea and it is now, time to take it to a superior level. Clear and precise details need now come alive, all lines and curves in the right proportion and all the dots connected. The fruit of your imagination and creativity is taking shape!
Based on your individual invention, you will need a 2D or 3D graphic design of your invention / product, to be able to take your project to additional production phases such as prototyping, fabrication, packaging design and marketing. Computer Aided Graphics CAD are necessary if your product will be produced say, with injection molding or CNC fabrication. Tri-dimensional 3D renderings will work perfectly for brochures and marketing material as well as website development but, you will need to apply Industrial Design development and CAD graphics for a large variety of production processes.
The design process allows you, the inventor, to make additional changes to the look and details of your newly invented product, you can change finishing colors or textures, highlights and accents. So, take the  designing phase as serious as every other step of the invention process. Unleash your creativity and imagination. Think how you would like your product to appear when finished and allow us to apply these details to your creation.Our expert Industrial Designers will provide guidance and suggestions to make your invention fit the purpose.
By reviewing your product information, we will be able to guide you in this phase of your invention and provide details of what you will need to make this step complete. With our long experience in the design and production field, we will be able to recommend specific details and possible improvements to your concept.
So to conclude, Renderings, 3D graphics, Computer Aided Graphics (CAD) are needed depending on your invention or product, for the different stages of the invention and patenting process. Based on the nature and manufacturing process of your invention, some inventions only require 2D graphics, other need CAD graphics.
Utmost confidentiality is always our first priority so, contact us with your invention or product specifications and we will provide you a quote and guidance to developing your ideas.
Invention Graphics Services for Inventors and Invention Development!

invention development conceptual graphic americaninventormanufacturing.com
Conceptual design sketch, as seen here, is one of the bases of design and product development.

Sketch-Rendering of radio as conceptual design in Black & White.

Sketch-Rendering of small appliance as conceptual design with coloring to accentuate details..

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