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Inventor Assistance Services

The human brain is an incredible gift of nature, its complexities still a mistery. Many of us, constantly use it to come up with new ideas, new inventions, daily creativity. Many people are inventors, innovators, creators. Inventions are born daily and many inventors need additional assistance to make the fruit of geneality, come to live. We provide assistance to inventors and entrepreneurs with their invention’s development and our services include GRAPHICS, PROTOTYPES, TOOLING and MANUFACTURING.
Renderings, 3D graphics, Computer Aided Graphics (CAD) are needed depending on your invention – product for the different stages of the invention and patenting process. Based on the nature and manufacturing process of your invention, some inventions only require 2D graphics, other need CAD graphics.
Then comes the prototype stage and, finally, the manufacturing process.

In short, due to the different nature of each invention, prototypes can be home made , for a rough initial visual assesment. This can be done with commonly available materials. You can then proceed to a second phase with a Mock-Up or not-working prototype to verify all the aesthetik details. Final phase is a working prototype to make sure that all the parts of your newly invented product fit and function according to your designs and specifications.

Manufacturing stage is your last part after you have verified that your invention is fully functional and you have done at least an initial market assessment to make sure your product will have an audience. Manufacturing can start at minimum quantities that vary depending on the individual invention – product.

Some of the above steps can be done on your own, with others you will need assitance.
We are a full service firm from star to finish and we can assist inventors with all the above services: Graphics, Prototyping, Tooling, Manufacturing, Delivery of finished product. Contact us with your details so we can determine how we can assist you with your invention or any related service.

Confidentiality is part of the entire process. We will provide a Non Disclosure Agreement NDA upon your request.